2017 · Netflix and Chill

On adaptations


Although I was a bit older than the intended target audience, I still grew up with the Harry Potter books to some extent. I read the last three right as they came out and although I fell out of the fandom shortly after the epilogue, I still have a lot of (good and bad) feelings about the story. My best friend is a major Potter fan and we frequently fall into heated discussions about the many faults of the books, but there’s one thing we can always agree on; A Very Potter Musical gets it right.

If you’re not familiar, A Very Potter Musical is a fan musical adaptation of the Harry Potter story that quickly devolves into its own thing. The characters are caricatures with Darren Criss as the titular guitar douche hero, but somehow, even though it’s a parody, they still manage to treat the characters with more fairness and respect than the books do at times. One example is the heartfelt friendship between Professor Quirrel and Voldemort:


My favorite is still Draco Malfoy, portrayed as a whiney, arrogant little daddy’s boy who still somehow manages to have more depth and be deserving of more sympathy than his book counterpart.


The quality isn’t the best, but considering this is an unofficial fan production it’s still pretty impressive. A Very Potter Musical and the sequel, A Very Potter Sequel, are both available on youtube.


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