2017 · Netflix and Chill

On watchlists

This sounds more political than it is. Honestly, I’ve been working all day and I’m tired and I do have something more substantial lined up for tomorrow that requires a little more effort on my part so here, have two Netflix recommendations on shows I recently finished or am watching currently.

My Runway

Korean drama about high school student Han Seo Yeon who dreams about being a runway model and top model Na Jin Wook who can’t stop being an asshole. A freak event leads them to switching bodies, oh no! It’s super cute and only six episodes.



I have an enormous soft spot for pretentious hipster drama where good looking but awkward people navelgaze about the philosophical meaning of life but actually it’s mostly about their dying relationships and having sex with strangers. I unironically love Chance, the Amber Benson indie film from 2002, and look forward to Octopus Pie every single week. Eastsiders is a lot like both of those things in tone and content and even better, the episodes are super short. Zero commitment.


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