2017 · Life: The Freelancer Lifestyle

On building a brand

This title is kind of misleading as it makes it sound like I’m about to launch into a big helpful lecture on building a brand and using social media efficiently, both things I’m very much still learning. No, this is brought to you by me spending most of today fixing up my Patreon page and not really doing anything else I can actually talk in public about.

There’s one thing I’ve learned though, in doing this. I launched my Patreon last summer and I tried to be really professional and followed all their tips about having a video and what to write and looking back, that wasn’t a good thing. It wasn’t bad either, but it came across as less than honest or at least not as personal as it should’ve been. I learned that the age old advice of be yourself is probably the most true thing ever, especially if you’re an independent artist and yourself is pretty much what you sell.

I’ve had a similar experience blogging – when I tried to be smart and really thoughtful about what I posted, I stopped posting after five entries. I’m up to 24 now and I don’t see any sign of me stopping as long as I continue to be my weird self who talks too much about unimportant things and has a strange obsession with ducks. Both with blogging and art and, I hope, Patreon stuff I’ve gotten the most attention and positive feedback when I’ve been my weird self.

Let’s keep doing that. Oh, and also punch a nazi.


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