2017 · Life: Help I'm Alive

On Garbage Fires

Being a freelancing illustrator, I’m on twitter a lot. I work from home so checking my feed from time to time gives me a sense of camaraderie as well as plenty of opportunities for networking or hearing about some publisher or other with an open submission period. In the last few months though I’ve noticed that twitter makes me scared more than anything. It’s not strange, with the growing dread in the face of rising fascism, and I understand perfectly well that I have way too many privileges to turn a blind eye. Things are happening, important, frightening things. None of us can afford to look away right now.

Still, it can get so overwhelming so quickly. I’m trying to make little rules for myself just to catch my breath and step away from it all for a moment — not look away, but take a break. No checking twitter when I have company around, or in the morning. Shut it down completely for a couple of hours so I can work in peace and feel productive rather than helpless. News get so overwhelming, sensationalised, poorly presented and when you get it from 30-40-50 people at once it’s hard to keep a cool head. We’re all fucked, right? We’re all fucked.



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