2017 · Podcasts

On packing your bags and moving away, part two

If you don’t know about the McElroy empire by now you might be running in different internet circles from me. I love their DnD podcast Adventure Zone the most, closely followed by Monster Factory on Polygon but during the last few months what with traveling and cleaning and doing a lot of work that requires more or less brainless entertainment I’ve come to appreciate the flagship podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me more and more for every episode consumed.

For those of you who don’t already know, MBMBaM is an advice show for the modern era, hosted by the three actual brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. They do their best to give terrible advice to their listeners, trawl through Yahoo answers for the weirdest of the weird or share some very important Farm Wisdom that may just save your life if you ever find yourself on a farm. If you’re looking for some good good advice you have over 300 (!!!) episodes to catch up on, or you could just listen to this sampler and save yourself some time.


And if all else fails, pack your bags and move away.


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