2017 · Netflix and Chill

On bivisibility

Okay okay, I have to admit, Crazy Ex Girlfriend is starting to win me over. There’s still a lot I have a problem with but I feel like it’s finding its stride and peeling back some of the layers of irony. I especially like the Being Erica style of episode 15 (yes yes I know it’s not exclusve to that show but I love it so shush) but the thing that really made me change my mind about whether or not I liked this show is Darryl’s storyline.

I am bisexual. I’ve been in relationships with both men and women, I had a crush on both Gene Wilder and Madeline Khan when I was five, I loved Cutthroat Island because wow wouldn’t it be great if you could get swept off your feet by Geena Davis? This is not a phase. This is who I am, who I’ve always been, and yet it’s incredibly rare to see someone like me on television.

Gay representation in general isn’t great, I know, but it seems as though we have fallen into a false dichotomy of being either gay or straight and anything else is a lie. This is absolutely perpetuated by coming out stories in media or celebrities having same sex relationships being instantly labeled as gay rather than… bisexuals. As if being in a same sex relationship negates every other relationship you’ve had in your life. As if you have to pick one or the other, regardless of what you’re attracted to. This is so prevalent in society, even in queer spaces. I probably don’t need to tell you any of this because if you are a person on this earth who watches media you probably know all this already, even if you haven’t yet realised it. It sucks. I’m almost certainly going to talk about this again.

So, back to the point. Do you have any idea how refreshing it is for a bisexual person to see a narrative on sexual realisations and coming out end up as being unapologetically bisexual? I kept waiting for it to end up as a phase, as a full on gay fest (which is fine), as the reason why the marriage didn’t work in the first place and then Darryl gets to figure it out all on his own and even more so, shout it from the rooftops without being punished for it. 

Just watch this.


Look at all those stereotypes smashed. Thank you.


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