2017 · Comics: recommendations

On erotic comics and halflings

Comics are my life. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about on here before but I’m currently trying to make a living as a full time comic artist, so my life pretty much revolve around the medium. In 2015 I was accepted as a creator for Filthy Figments, where I’m currently working on the third chapter of my historical lesbian romance Belle. So, not only does my life revolve around comics, it revolves around erotic comics.

I’m sure there’s a stigma about drawing or consuming fictional porn, but some of the best storytelling and artistic skill I’ve ever come across has been in erotica. Jess Fink is one artist that seem to come up in these conversations a lot, and there’s of course Smut Peddler, the erotic comic anthology published by Iron Circus.  There’s so much good porn out there!

One of my all time favorite erotic comics that isn’t behind a paywall is Alfie. It’s beautifully drawn, explores sexuality and prejudice against preferences or kinks in an interesting and mostly respectful manner but the thing that keeps me reading isn’t the porn; it’s the story. This is a comic I actually do read for the articles, believe it or not, a good example of what marks really good erotica for me. The characters are fully realised and although their sexual adventures are the hook, you stay with it for everything else. The world building is intriguing, especially in the most recent chapter when we’ve left the halfling village of Pickering and explore the rest of the world. Give it a read, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

I’ll almost certainly go back to the subject of writing erotic comics in the future. I think about it a lot and I have several other recommendations up my sleeve I’d like to share. Maybe it’ll turn into a sort of Sexy Sunday deal, unless I forget about it two days from now? That’s actually pretty likely. Don’t hold your breath.


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